Completely indulgent


Now that my daughter is in Kindergarten five days a week, I have moved beyond my previous blog and said goodby to Petals and Moss and created this new blog as a promise to myself: I will work on art for atleast 30 minutes every day while my son naps and she is in school Monday through Friday.  "Art" can be any creative activity that feels completely indulgent, therefore inspiring and not a chore. 

Today was our first day, school for her and studio time for me.  It seems appropriate for my first post to start with her.  Recently, the two of us sat in the yard cutting up her baby clothes and preparing them for a sweet something that will hang over her bed.  Beginning this project, touching the soft cotton, coordinating the patterns and thinking quietly to myself for over an hour was pure bliss.  As a mother of two it's taken me years to realize how fulfilling and necessary moments like these are to my happiness.  I'm so grateful I promised myself this!

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