Sassy seat: cherry print

I've been thinking about my daily commitment to making art and how it has affected me a mere three days into it.  I look forward to my projects so much that I can get through the chores that need to be done, and not obsess on what never gets done (i.e. cleaning.)   More importantly, I notice it has started a wave of making and inspiration.  Not just for the dreamy projects, but for the functional ones as well.  This morning, for example, my girl needed a seat cushion for the flight deck on our cargo bike.  Way back in June, we found cherry print oil cloth that we both fell in love with and it was high time that I make the seat pad for her.  So before school this morning I whipped one up.  I was only able to do this because:
A.) I had been sewing recently so the machine was ready to go and my sewing table was somewhat orderly 
B.) I had been sewing recently so my mind was ready to go. Once I am in the sewing mode, fabrication comes together easier in my brain.  
Although a pillow seems simple, it could've been a disaster trying to sew it up in 10 minutes. Luckily it worked great and I was so proud to show it off at our weekly Farmer's Market gathering of amazing Mamas on really big bikes.
We had been using a knee gardening pad which I covered and added polyfill to soften her ride.  Now she's got a sassy seat!
- June 2012

My husband made the ultimate amazing craigslist find for me.  My Kona Ute that fits me, both kids and a large load of groceries.  I love my new bike and all the wonderful perks that cycling brings into my life.

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