Santa Sticks Outsider Art

Last night I saw these Santa Sticks posted online by my inspiring homeschooling friend Becky and I couldn't resist making them myself.  We're going to put them along the trails in our nearby parks for people and children to find.  I'm so excited to have some guerilla art to install with my kids today!  


To Make Santa Sticks You Need :
  • Sticks 6-12 inches long (I used small branches trimmed from trees, using live wood might make the beards easier to carve)
  • Carving knife
  • Red paint or beeswax for painting or dipping the hats
  • White paint for beards is optional
  • Black ink dots for eyes
Begin by carving the tops of your sticks into a point.  If you want the curly beard effect, start whittling away at the beard area until you can lift up some shavings into curls.  They are also perfectly cute with just a bit of bark peeled away under the hat, then painted with white to suggest the beard.

Either paint the hat red or dip the top of the stick into some red beeswax.  Draw some eyes and you have Santa. Ho ho ho!

Happy Merry Making and Giving Everyone.

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