Noticing April

  • After nearly ten years, I'm painting on canvas again.
  • Water colors will always be my favorite.
  • We rested our eyes upon fields streaked with bright color at the Tulip Festival.  The quiet ride home allowed ample time to chat with a good friend. 
  • Baby brother and I sewed a rainbow while big sister was asleep.  In the morning, I found her marvelling at it.
  • I'm listening to them play in their new sandbox that Papa made.
  • Our peas are reaching, ready to grasp a trellis.
  • My boy much prefers climbing the tree than the bouy swing.
  • She finished sewing her kindergarten gnome which signifies a new step forward and relief from my mental deliberation in which direction that would be.
  • I adore her self portraits, especially her snaggle toothy grin. 
  • I'm capturing his sweetness in close ups.     
  • Oh how that dog is settling deeper into our hearts. 

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