A bit of irony as a fishmonger's wife

Recently, Alita and I returned home to find a very smily Papa in our driveway.  He was surrounded by saw dust, woodchips and various hand saws.  I couldn't imagine what he was carving. 

Any guesses?
It's a handmade tortilla press of course!  Ita Bean will show you how it works. 
First, place a ball of tortilla mix into the center of your press and close the lid. 

 Next, use the handle to begin pressing.

 Then, open to see the amazing results.

Last, hand it to the chef.
Wa La!
Little did I know this invention was about to change my summer taco dreams forever.  With an air of pretension, and a bit of irony as a Fishmonger's wife, I would say I am an expert judge in these matters of taste.  The Wikipedia meaning of connoisseur is "to be acquainted with" or "to know something."  Oh I am very acquainted with, and oh yes, I know a little something about fish tacos.  We are friends.  Being gluten free, these have become one of my favorite foods to order out, especially here where they serve four different kinds
That night after Ita Bean enthusiastically pressed them all and Taho fried them, we prepared our fish taco feast.  Carefully wrapping all the ingrediants into a hand made, hand pressed tortilla was heavenly.  Taho said, "I think these are the best fish tacos I have ever eaten." 

I whole-heartily agree my dear. I love you and your crazy kitchen appliance fetish.  I think this is going to be a very good summer indeed. 

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