I'm anticipating a season of mornings like this morning, when I set out some tea and my knitting basket and I notice the sky.  I'm hoping there will be a dog lying quietly in the yard and I might be able to relax a bit and set aside my worries about sibling rivalry or whatever else seems to be bothering me.  I'll notice the sugar snap peas are flowering and green strawberries are already fruiting on last year's plants.  As our new strawberry patch expands, I'll be happy to watch and pay attention to that too.  It's fascinating, this apartment gardening, this community project, especially the pallet garden our neighbor has started.  All the plants in our garden will produce something different and delicious.  I plan on following my son through the secret door in our fence into the neighbor's yard (which is what you do when you love your neighbors so much you need easier access to them.)  He's going over to find the three women that he has chosen as his Aunts and his Nonna.  I am preparing to admire the ingenious growing ideas over there and sit a spell while the sun goes down either around the fire pit or on my favorite porch.  Navigating these spaces will be tricky.  One might get wet from children splashing in pools or running through the hose.  It'll smell like bar-b-q and lines full of clean clothes.  There will be relationships and friendships that deepen.  I will relish in it all.


  1. I love all your planting! The pallet garden looks great, and I love the little pocket of herbs (?). I saw that at a restaurant (Little Uncle) not too long ago and thought it was such a clever idea.

  2. I know! It's been so neat to witness all my neighbors' creative gardens. What do you two have going on?

    1. We planted 5 tomato plants, spinach, lettuce, peas and broccoli. Plus, we put marbles in our fence and added a hammock. Yay summer!