When going to one of the biggest free mulit-cultural arts festival in the nation these are helpful questions to ask oneself:
  • Which rare indulgance shall I have while listening to live music?
  • What do I hold onto while napping?
  • Which colors do I add to my art?
  • Shall we build just one toy or two?
  • Which one of these handmade things looks better on me?
  • Wonder to yourself is it raining or just the fountain spray?
  • Which one of these bikes does not look like the others?


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time! Such a cool fair. You really have a artsy eye when it comes to photos. I especially like the one of Asa (hope I spelled that right) looking at the bits of colored tile that you shot from above. Awesome!

    1. Yes, you spelled it correctly. Thank you ma'am. I do love looking at the world trough the lens. And I LOVE color!