Rainbow dreams

  • Pink knitting when it's a little girl's yarn of choice
  • Red plans of fixing Papa's PJ's for Father's Day and hopefully making more
  • Orange dressy shoes that fit great in the thrift shop, but not so comfy all morning yesterday
  • Coral azaleas at the end of their time
  • Yellow muddy buddy that's looking like it might be at the end of it's time too
  • Green fronds that surprised me with their inspiring resurrection after a violent transplant
  • Blue sky and lake make for delightfully sneaky peaks of summer
We're in a rainbow phase right now, my six year old and I (or maybe I never got out of it.)  When I'm relieved after something stressful has happened, I dream about rainbows.  What's your rainbow look like?

1 comment:

  1. Love the green of the ferns. Green really is a relaxing colour
    I'm currently crocheting a rainbow baby blanket for a friend :)