Yes. I would really like that.

Just after winter solstice, when the spring bulbs were pushing through the soil (as they do in Seattle), I realized I wanted a real garden this year. I wanted a garden like I had created in my neighbor's yard, just big enough to grow food for my family. I didn't want the unsatisfactory results I'd had with pots, then haybales, and last year burlap bags.  I couldn't figure it out, so I gave up on my garden dreams looking forward instead to our beloved local farmer's market and a membership to our favorite farm CSA.

I knew I wanted a sand box for my children and I wasn't giving up on that.  My very willing and sweetly industrious husband got right to work and finished the frame in an hour.  Then it happens, my favorite thing about our partnership - the divine moment when his ease and effortlessness in problem-solving counters my momentary lack thereof. 

"Should I make a few garden beds?"  he asked.
"Yes. I would really like that." I said, as months of hopeless and helpless fretting melted away.

Last Saturday, I awoke to a gorgeous day for the Seattle Tilth edible plant sale.  I was feeling ambitious.  I had an idea of what I wanted to buy, but I was looking forward to what surprises I'd find.
With my bike loaded with kids and the trailer loaded with plants, we coasted home downhill.  Ita Bean announced, "I'm planting all the kale because I know how to grow my own food!"  As one of my favorite garden post says, she's been doing it all her life.  I am just as excited about planting my new everbearing golden rasperries canes in our very own berry patch.
Do you want to see the rest of the beds? Let's follow my little guy up our driveway at twilight. He'd really like to show you something. 


Yes, I think he has found his calling
and I my garden. 
Thank you Taho.

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  1. Lol!! There's nothing like having a wee man about to help you shift soil in a diddy wheelbarrow!! My boys love to help in the garden. Whether its digging up onion sets which have just started to grow or drowning plants by overwatering lol! There's something very calming and satisfying about growing veg. Starting fresh every year with clean prepared beds. Love it!!!