Glee and hilarity


It's that time of year; for curly calico piglet tails, barn rope swings, first pony rides and lots and lots of baby animals drinking mama's milk.  Last week we visited the most amazing farm that allows families into the pens with the baby animals for loving and petting.  What glee and hilarity being surrounded by a litter of frolicing piglets!


A family with six kids lives in the house and started the farm for their children.  Recently, they opened it up to the public for "farm day" events and birthday parties.  It is a true wonderland for all ages.  My dreams of owning some creekside land next to a little mountain are bolstered by seeing how these folks are sharing their wealth with the rest of us.  I could create an entire pinterest board on just their inviting outdoor spaces.  However, I could do without the inflatables, gas powered mini-train, electric cars of children cruising around the roundabout driveway, and the spendy cost of admission at ten dollars a person, but there is still enough old-fashioned fun to be had that I couldn't help partake in a little of it myself.


  1. Ohmygod. Barn rope swings are my YOUTH! Takes me way back...

  2. Your Sister6/14/13, 8:18 AM

    Looks fun! What a cool place!