This week in my garden :: June 5

Join me on a garden tour this morning as I play along sharing my garden notes this summer.  I'd love to see yours too:
"...much happens in the garden in a relatively short period of time, ... much change takes place over the course of a growing season, ...we learn every week, might be fun this year to share weekly garden notes and photographs. If you're doing something similar and want to share it with the rest of us, do leave a comment with a link to your own garden notes!"

May 15, 2013
June 5, 2013


  • So interesting to compare garden pictures that are three weeks apart (since I must admit, I didn't want to go through the "trouble" of keeping notes.)  This is fascinating; the weather, the way my children interact with our garden at their ages now, and what it produces by the end of this summer journey, I'm on board! 
  • The carrots are sprouting while the beans and tomatoes have grown just a bit bigger.  My poor basil really did not like that stretch of cool weather and turned yellow, but I know you basil, you'll bounce right back.
  • I am so grateful to the out-of-focus spider that is guarding our first fruiting blueberry.  I reclaimed these plants last year from the demolition sight next door and ever since, my children have been curious if they really will make blueberries.
  • I don't think my son can resist leaving these strawberries to ripen much longer.  He claims they taste just as good picked when green.  They're looking sort of pink, right?
  • The new strawberry patch is looking hopeful too!
  • Thinking we had been swindled when our raspberry canes lay dormant for a few weeks and not knowing where or how they would grow, we were overjoyed the day we saw some green starting to push through the soil.
  • Hey, I didn't know our beets would sprout that gorgeous color.
  • My neighbor's palette garden continues to enthrall me.
  • We built a little trellis protection from the dog because as my husband says, "This family eats a lot of kale!" (blended up and disguised in berry smoothies.)  I think my son's favorite activity is meticulously picking the cabbage moth caterpillars off of the kale. Perfect job for a two-year old.  Both kids and Papa spend a lot of time doing this and yesterday I heard them announce that russian kale is very hardy and has less caterpillars.  Good to know.
  • I was recently convinced to take this lovely pot of thyme by the owner of a nearby free pile.  I'm glad I took him up on his offer.
  • The time for a major sugar snap pea harvest is almost near.  Single ones are appearing slowly.  When the kids find them, they are such a treasure and I love how big sister saves them for little brother to pick.  I look forward to right-off-the-vine backyard snacking.
  • Looking forward to seeing you in the garden in another couple of weeks for more change and discovery.


  1. I am gonna put your son in my pocket.--Kate

    1. He just might fit for a little while longer!