The fourth

Today is flooded with memories for me. I grew up celebrating freedom here, at my favorite place on the planet, at Grammy and Granddad's cottage in my home state, Delaware.  We are real proud to be the first state; therefore, the Fourth of July is taken real seriously, with a good old-fashioned parade. When I was a little girl, I would decorate my bike with red, white, and blue streamers in order to ride along with Miss Delaware waving from a convertible, with the fire engines and numerous hilarious floats.   At dusk, we would sit as a family on our little plot of sand and wait with anticipation to watch the fireworks. Back then I was still a Shilling and the fireworks were too loud, I would sit on a wooden glider, gently swaying back and forth snuggled up next to Grammy.  She would soothe me as I took solace in her arms.

credit for the above beautiful pictures goes to 
photographer extraordinaire, 
my cousin Lacey
Yesterday, my daughter and I watched flames, twenty feet high, billow from a car in a parking lot.  I soothed her as she stood beside me, my arm wrapped around her.  We listened as the sirens approached and hoped the fire fighters would arrive before it got worse. Quickly and efficiently, they arrived and extinguished the flames. No one was injured. I couldn't help but remember a time six months ago, when I had to call 911 for my son and we waited anxiously as the sirens approached our house.  As I did back then, I said another prayer of gratitude.  We are so lucky to live in a country that has dependable emergency response.  My daughter overheard me.   A confused look on her face said, "Isn't that a given?"  I explained how many people live without basic needs and services.  How parents and communities soothe their kids as best they can, but sometimes need more help that is not available.  She got it. She's heard my stories from around the world.  The crowd dispersed and we rode home feeling a renewed sense of appreciation for living in the good old U.S. of A.
Enjoy the festivities today, especially those of you about to start watching the parade in Bethany Beach.

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