One Hundred

I remember when I was a child and I would count to one hundred.  It was a number that felt so monumental.  Which is exactly how I felt last month, when I was asked to write for Parent Map, When the Windows are Open.  It totally surprised and flattered me, and I jumped at the chance.  Sometimes I wonder where this will lead.  Often, I am simply trying to ignore the hundreds of annoying tasks like unpaid bills, appointments to be made, and other household distractions that keep me from writing.  Today marks the day that I have come to my seat, here at this laptop and written one hundred posts.
As I was riding home this morning, I noticed the bright blue sky shining above me.  In this first week of August, approaching one hundred days of this sunny beautiful summer, I am getting really used to it.  I'm starting to take this glorious weather for granted and it's a good reminder to take a look around.  It's as if one hundred wishes of mine have come true and I want to notice them once again:  the way the lakes looks as my children splash and flap their limbs trying to swim in it or the way the sun feels as it heats up my back and how grateful I am for the shade creeping slowly closer to my blanket full of friends, popsicles, and craft supplies scattered across the lawn. 
One hundred is an abundant milestone, let's enjoy these days of summer and Thank You for reading.

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