Pants for my little guy

I cast on for these pants for my little guy in June and worked on them throughout the summer, hoping they would be ready for the start of school.  After only completely ripping them out three times over, I finished them last week.  Just as the chilly weather landed upon us, he could wear his crazy pants to school.  I expect much chicken coop exploration will accompany these pants which are made from the yarn left-overs of these four adorable sweaters.  Knitting stripe after stripe of each color and hoping they would all work together was perfect for my attention-deficit knitting brain that won't follow a pattern closely (hence the ripping out three times over.)  My boy is getting so big so fast that I fear the small-ish baby-sized knitting projects are fleeting!  

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  1. Your Sister10/2/13, 6:04 AM

    Noticed the gorgeous pants in the last post and wanted to say something! So colorful and sweet!