Seriously Social Sundays

Me: How is your Facebook and Text Free Sunday Challenge going Jenn?

Myself: Uh, good, except that it took me 4 weeks to actually do it 100%.

Me: Why? Because it's so tempting and second nature to check Facebook or reply with a text.  And I didn't follow rule #4: arrange your events so you don't have to use facebook messenger.

Myself: So what have you learned about yourself so far with this challenge?  

Me: The biggest surprise is the great sense of relief that I feel.   I'm the kind of person that feels the need to always respond: to text, email, voicemail, FB messages, all of it.  So, I have come to adore the one day a week when I have decided I don't have to react to all the mass information.  I can choose to have a conversation either in person or on the phone.  Or just feel the stillness and be alone with myself.  

Seriously Social Sundays
One of my great friends, Amy, gave the challenge a new nickname.  Are you in?  Let me know!
Make up some rules for yourself.  Here are mine:
  1. Put reminders everywhere and regular ones on my phone during the first few Saturdays and Sundays to remind myself. 
  2. When I receive a text, I may read it but I may not reply via text.  I can choose to call the person
  3. Phone calls are encouraged, hearing my favorite people's voices is really wonderful.
  4. Instead of limiting myself to one brief time, I have chosen to completely abstain from social media for the day: Facebook, pinterest, instagram, and blogs.
  5. I arrange my events so I don't have to use facebook messenger.  
  6. My goal is to have more real conversations.  If I begin to feel left out or isolated, I have to pick up the phone to be included and involved with my family and friends. 
  7. If Sundays don't work anymore, I'll choose a different day of the week (and I might just add a second day too!)
  8. I'll take my daughter's lead and indulge in the fabulous idiosyncrasies of human relationship.  Let's grab our favorite ones and take a Seriously Social Sunday adventure together (even if it's just onto the couch.) 


  1. Awesome! So glad you are giving it a go. I really need to too. I'm not feeling brave, though. Maybe I can start with something easy like a Wednesday.

    1. I use the term "easy" loosely.

  2. Such a great way to connect in the "old fashioned" ways...funny that phone calls seem old fashioned these days! Good luck to you!!