Memories of Autumn



My children's memories of autumn will include:
  • The annual running with a herd of kids in order to chase down a pumpkin that will soon explode upon hitting the ground after having just been launched from a trebuchet.
  • Riding on ponies that she has known since she was two.
  • A first pony ride for him (that will soon become one of many) around that sunflower loop
  • Indian Runner ducks that I promise we will have someday, please!
  • A fiddle, a banjo, a guitar and some bales of hay, because that's all you really need.
  • Choosing their favorite from the tastes of cinderella, hubbard, spaghetti, carnival, and kobocha squash, served simply roasted
  • Perfect pumpkin patch smiles
  • An in depth treasure hunt for small hand-held gourds
  • Lot's of talk about Laura, Mary, Ma, Pa and Jack while waiting for the horse drawn wagon
  • My delight in finally learning the name of my new favorite squash ~ Sugar loaf!
  • How lovely it is to warm your hands with a cup of warm apple cider after a long day at our favorite biodynamic farm.


  1. Oh how I love this farm! Joseph and I were just reminiscing about our trip there the other day...

  2. We're headed back there today with the preschool, love Farmer Erick!