Watching Spawners

Yesterday, we watched and we saw a lot of this.  

There were so many doing their best to move upstream.

Some were done doing what they were called to do.

Those that were still trying captivated us with their 
sudden flapping, squirming bursts of energy and persistence. 

That's good old Seattle for you.  Our cloudy, nearly dark November afternoons are just right for calling friends at the last minute to say, "Want to meet at Carkeek to see the spawning salmon?"  

I had heard about this for years, but never went to see for myself.  Now, I have such gratitude that the restoration of Piper's Creek which began more than twenty years ago.  Every year between 100 and 600 chum salmon that started their lives here two to five years ago return as 10 to 22 pound adult fish.   My kids thought it was kinda neat, but we adults knew restoring a creek within city limits to allow for this type of natural phenomena to return was nothing short of amazing. 

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