How to mess up Christmas

I might have just totally messed up Christmas.  Although all of the following are NOT how I usually parent, I did:

  • use a Santa dial website to have him call my phone to remind my daughter to be good during a tantrum, which turned her fit into one of the saddest, loudest, episodes I have seen in a long time.
  • allow my son to pick out a pedal bike at the thrift store then bring it home, then try to hide it for Christmas which ensued a screaming fit from him and my daughter who wanted something now too!
  • respond to each of these events in a less than calm way.
Through all of my efforts to create a relaxed and joyful holiday, I get caught up in the antics too.   The expectations of Christmas can be stressful and make parents do crazy things.  This is my reminder to get back to basics and the best holiday mantra I've heard: Simple and Special.

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  1. Hey mama, don't be so hard on yourself. I am positive your kids will look back on your family's Christmas traditions with love and nostalgia when they're older. Families aren't perfect ya know. Sometimes they suck. But your kids are going to be OK! Love you sis!