Spiral into the darkest night

Just before dark at 4:30 p.m. we lit the fire to begin our solstice celebration.  As we near the longest night of the year, a part of me wonders how much longer these early sun sets can go on.  Then, I get it. I understand what all the lights and holidays are about.  They help us spiral into the darkest night and come back out surrounded by friends and family.

This is my favorite way to celebrate this time of year, we put the yule log (the end of last year's Christmas tree) on the fire and burned our regrets from 2013.

As we sat in the middle of our big old city with street lights all around, I was happy to be outside for hours on end while the kids ran frolicking among the houses. I thought about the new year ahead and hope this tradition continues.  Happy Winter Solstice Everyone!

Picture by Alita via Mama's iPhone

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