In all his complete and utter three-ness, I am trying to take in the details.  How adorable was it that he rushed to grab his party dress to wear to his birthday party?  Of course, that's what you wear to a party, right?  I love that he wants to look pretty too.  He has been wearing everyday when I turn on Christmas music and we dance around the living room.  My heart has felt light because miraculously, big sister hasn't said a word against it. 
We are all impressed that he recently perfected being able to do "his letter" as he calls it, holding three fingers up.   Although it has caused a little trouble going up stairs and did fall into the toilet to be washed and worn again, he's getting the hang of wearing a dress.  As he raced me toward the car this morning waving the long ice scraper into the air with his velvet pink skirt waving as well, I thought how amazing three is.  It's an age that allows him to feel his best while adoring trains, dinosaurs and pink princess dresses all at once.  Happy Birthday to my baby boy. 

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  1. Happy Birthday Asa! We love you and can't wait to see you!