Even from down there

Crossing the bridge into the ski area this morning, I started to let go of the worries I had brought with me about the drive up the mountain pass, conditions of the day, and gear I might have forgotten.  My ski date with myself had just begun.  Being that we finally have more snow, I am determined to make my pass "worth it" by squeezing as many runs out of it as possible.  I think of these days as a gift of self care.  There's often a bit more sunshine at higher altitudes, with very few skiers and stunning views.  I spend a lot of time listening to the quiet and waiting for something beautiful to surprise me.  This morning it was the avalanche debris fields that caught my attention.  I found myself wanting to ski another run, just to stand among them and sightsee a while longer.  What a force is must have been when they fell.  I was in awe and I love that.  

 While I worked my legs until they were jelly in heavy, wet-like-cement northwest style snow, and wished I had a snowboard in these conditions, I tried to gently remind myself that this was my day for self-care.  Any criticism, judgement, or otherwise crappy feelings about how difficult it was for me to ski had to be turned off already!  I wish y'all were there to see my face plant.  It was magnificent.  As was trying to speed into a large patch of fresh snow, both of my skies went in opposite directions sideways from one another and I landed like a spread-eagle ragdoll in a heap of snow.  It was awesome and even from down there, I enjoyed the view.

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