Week 7 :: props

This theme has me thinking about the story of the things that surround me.  For more than a month, I have been knitting a sweater for myself with really thin yarn, sock weight to be exact.  Since it's taking some time to finish, I have quite a bit of time to think.  My thoughts always go to why.  Why do I spend hours knitting?  Because:

  • I love how the fibers feel running through my fingers 
  • choosing patterns, colors, textures and designs gets me all crazy excited (especially when it fits!)
  • repetitive, meditative, movement calms me down, is good for my ADD and stops me from yelling at my husband while he's driving.
It won't be long before I will feel the results of my labors on my skin.  Until then, they are just props.

52 of YOU :: 7/52

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