Week 8 :: eyes

my eyes

have never needed glasses, (but I used to wear a set of clear lenses from The Limited during my junior year in high school because I wanted to look smart and sophisticated.)  However, everyone else in my family wears frames so I may be soon too.

I have been told the color of my eyes are hazel, but most people just say they are blue.  They often look gray to me, but sometimes when I wear green, they are like emeralds.

Usually I take my eyes and sight for granted, until I see my son running with a long stick and think, "Stop, no! You'll poke your eye out!"

My left one is hyper reflexive.  When photographed, it likes to close real quick before the flash even goes off.  In photos, it looks like I'm casually winking.  

My eyelids have gotten heavier over the years and I wonder if they'll ever obstruct my sight. There's a whole collection of new wrinkles, folds, and creases that I never noticed until taking self-portraits this year.  Yeah! Here I come forty.

My lashes are fine and light.  I probably have the same ones my Grammy had on top of which she applied fake eye lashes everyday.  My brows are free-range and I like them a little wild.  I rarely wear eye make-up and when I do my kids and husband always comment on how pretty I look, which is sweet, but only for special occasions.

I was so inspired by what I read 
from my ultra-creative Now You instructor Kristin at mainemomma
that I had to do my own version.   
NOW YOU :: 8/52

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