Secret Gardens

When I was asked to write an article titled 10 Secret Gardens around Seattle for Kids and Families, I was curious what I would find.  There was so much to choose from, which meant I was going to explore my absolute favorite parts of this verdant city of mine.   I was sure to follow up on suggestions about honey bee gardens, fragrant gardens for the blind and deaf-blind, and special community gardens for the elderly and children gardening together.  But to my surprise, I also discovered: a leprechaun hunt, the most amazing driftwood climbing structure ever, a cosmological adventure that answered some of my most mysterious questions and just how far people will go to save old gardens and build new ones that have meaning to them.  Check out this impressive list:

More than anything I was motivated to start digging and cultivating myself!  So I grabbed that envelope of seeds that I saved from last year's plants and decided to see what would happen!  Here's wishing you happy start to the growing season!

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