Write Your Birth Story Workshops

"One of them wants to crawl up onto my chest, all slippery and wet, to be held by Mama.  My girl is all long, leggy limbs, but I can still cradle her against my chest with the stronger larger bicep of my right arm and smell the top of her head.  He's not far behind, sliding through the water, pulling himself up over the landscape of my figure to find a spot nestled in my left arm.  He's squishing himself into a small bundle of toddler torso, chubby feet, soft arms, and folded legs, just so he can fit into the curve of my bones and flesh.  As my two children rest in the arms in which they were given to me as swaddled newborn bundles, they look up with the same sleepy smooshed up faces.  She's on the right and he's on the left.  Their little growing bodies press against mine and I have no doubt they are emotionally attached to me.  Each time one of them makes this journey through the warm water upwards along my body and I reach down to hold either of them, I imagine that this is what it might have been like to birth at home.  This is what it feels like to put someone you love, more than you could ever imagine, onto your heart and allow that love to soak into them.  It will be with them forever regardless of how they entered the world."
- an excerpt from my story of birthing my babies

I'm teaching a work shop next month for women that would like to write their birth stories, but just don't know how to start.  Please contact me if you are interested!

Whether it was awe-filled or awful … the experience of birthing your babies deserves to be recorded.  One of the happiest days of your life may have left you feeling more powerful than ever, or it might gave been traumatic with unexpected outcomes.  It's possible that the birth was amazing but postpartum was fraught with challenges.  It's important to honor it all.

Hello, my name is Jennifer and I avoided writing about my son’s birth for years because much of it was traumatic.  Since then I have learned techniques that aid in writing about sensitive topics.  Join other women in a safe space to share and express your authentic voice in your own words.  I will offer tools, strategies, and inspiration to start the process of writing your birth story.  Especially if you think you don't write well or need help expressing overwhelming feelings, these workshops are designed for you.   Choose from an online eCourse or an in person gathering.   My hope is that you create a descriptive birthing scene that is honest, private, real, and yours.

Write Your Birth Story Workshop
Sunday April 6, 2014
11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Little Heart Space
4131 Woodland Park Ave. N. 
Seattle, WA 98103

Register Now via email

  • with workshop in the subject line for April 6th workshop in Wallingford
  • with eCourse in the subject line for a 4 week eCourse starting today!  In order to receive your first prompt send $40 payment via paypal at jenniferdorothyk@gmail.com
Contact Jennifer Kakutani
(206) 427-2032
$40 per person via check or paypal 

Registration for the 4 week eCourse includes motivating weekly prompts, eloquent stories from other authors and email support for writing your birth story when it is convenient for you. 

(If anyone is interested in being published, ParentMap will be looking for essay submissions for Mother's Day in May!)

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