The Secret Selfies From an Anxious and Depressed Mother

We've still got the spark!  Although after reading my latest article, you might be a bit concerned.  In a recent post, I made a promise to myself to up the ante with my writing.  Instead of writing about what feels safe, strangely enough, I feel better when I raise the stakes, take more risks and express how it honestly feels to be a wife and mother.  There is great relief in having said it.

The Secret of Selfies From an Anxious and Depressed Mother

My self portraits live here and I encourage you to play along as well.  I've included some fun tips for bringing yourself to center!  Post your selfies on Instagram with the hashtag #parentmapselfies

I'd like to thank Colette, Catherine and Joseph for being my help. If you're a Mom that struggles with your feelings as I do, they'd be glad to help.

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