Four o'clock

I'm still amazed that this is possible.  During the winter, when my most challenging part of the day looms ahead, it's already dark, I'm about to prepare dinner, the meltdowns will inevitably ensue and I still have almost three more desperate hours until reinforcements arrive, I could only dream of an evening like we had last week. Yes traffic was at it's worst; however, I couldn't resist driving to that which I can hardly believe exists only a short drive away.  In celebration of having made it to the bright side, we took off into an evening that was so balmy and sun-filled a last-minute picnic dinner at the beach is all there is left to do.



By seven o'clock, we were almost home.  I was thinking about how my children played together; furthermore, how I sat and completely relaxed as they climbed, balanced, explored, splashed and ran so very far away from me and back with such glee.  This type of play is significantly different from anything possible at home and I forgot about the necessity of it.  We were stopped at the bridge full of warm and peacefully connected feelings between siblings and Mama.  It was bliss before bedtime and my husband texts me: "Where you at?"


  1. Yay for Pacific Northwest spring sun. Great photos, Jen.

  2. How wonderful to have somewhere so beautiful so close.
    Oh, and some sunshine, lol, something the UK is a little lacking in at the moment *sigh*

    1. I know. Today it's 46 degrees and cloudy. Come back summer!