Through my fingers


  • starting to realize how much I love knitting the same pattern over and over
  • starting another for our little friend's baby sister
  • loving how running these colors through my fingers highlights them in my landscape
  • loving up my kids, my husband and my crafty choices just a little bit more today after hearing the tragic news of an inspiring Mama and Papa's who's ended too soon.
  • listened to Kathreen's podcast and felt a strong connection to her and how she lived her life
  • listened to my son when he asked if we could sew on the "loud machine" when it was too late last night, said yes because of her
  • excited about completing this free 10 day e-course and my commitment to changing this cycle
  • more excited about my purchase from a fabulous friend's Etsy shop: my celebration jewelry for completing the course
  • feeling motivated by women like Sarah and her photos 
  • feeling drawn to take on a giving project like Dina's.
  • glad my awful lingering bronchitis is gone
  • glad Papa has returned
  • wishing the sun would
  • wishing you moments full of a little color, creativity and celebration


  1. So sweet! Your pictures are wonderful! And I agree, Dina is super inspirational. I'm glad Taho is home. Heard it went very well, though. So excited for the future of PPF.

    1. ;) linking to your blog was my little happy birthday gift.