Savoring August



I just looked at the calendar.  I mean really took a good look at the calendar.  Coming up, we have a trip back East (which is what you say when you live on the west coast, but you're from the east coast)  and after that glorious week at the beach with my family, it's pretty much over.  My favorite season of all.  I already miss it.  As the season slowly changes,  I am savoring what time is left.  With such amazing weather, it's been possible to squeeze in a lot of action.  There's more to come, but so far I am delighted with our summer full of:
  • picnicking at the lake for dinner and a swim, more often than not. 
  • ferrying back and forth between our city and the many islands that lie outside of it
  • making a plate of veggies from our weekly farmer's market dates and calling it dinner
  • relishing those dates with our community of friends, blankets full of berries, and a plethora of sweet handmade treats to choose from.
  • accepting the major loss in my garden, but adoring the beauty of the volunteers and children-planted surprises, one flower at a time
  • playing at favorite beaches and loving this town's endless choices of them 
  • riding my bike and my kids to places I never thought possible, and then sleeping there.    
  • snoozing outside many a night without the fear of rain, ever.
  • planning a few more adventures for September and October, I'm not letting it go easy.  


  1. This has been a great summer! I have also loved all the bike riding! Nice photos.

    Also, a little design tip, your hyperlinks are very similar to the color of your regular font. I'm not sure if there is a way to change this, but I almost always miss them. Just a suggestion!