October Stillness

Today I am waiting.  There is a calm in my current flurry of self-promotion and assignments from the Verity Mom contest.  Tomorrow the Top 3 will be announced and there will be a final week of voting so the public can choose their favorite new Verity Mom.  While the Verity Mom Team is narrowing our group of fifteen down from amazing to even more awesome, I wonder what those fabulous ladies are doing on this beautiful day.  The stillness at my house is something to savor today:
  • our morning walk in the forest with leaves aflame and blue skies shining above was refreshing to my tired soul
  • my boy's new haircut via Mama is looking choppy but cute (even if Papa thinks we need to get it "fixed" at the salon.)
  • the dog is tempting me to lie down next to her
  • I consider some colorful sock knitting, using magic loop for the first time, but I think I'll choose from above
  • while my son slept, I napped for an hour in the sun next to my favorite beast, which was just what I needed.


  1. Oh I so know what you're feeling! I have such a peace and excitement as I wait. I somehow feel like even if I'm not chosen, I'm better for having been a part of the experience and that's what was meant to be. Good luck!!!

    1. Right? I've learned so much in the process already!