Pinwheels and Butterflies

I've been up since four a.m. and actually got up and chatted with my husband before he left for work (rare occasion.)  I just couldn't sleep anymore.  I was too darn excited.  Today was the Verity Mom meet up!  Whenever, the butterflies in my stomach started flapping like monarchs going to Mexico, I just thought of the other women I would get to meet.  I've seen all their videos and new who they were when they walked in. 

During my nine minutes to write a blog post on the fly, I realized that I type  r   e    a    l   l   y   slow.  We rotated through three other stations and thankfully, I was surrounded by 14 other amazing supportive Moms that had fabulous stories to tell and energy that shined.  I feel blessed to have gone through an interview process that was as fun as is was nerve-wracking.  Before we left, one of the interviewers said they would have to start finding reasons to cut the current list from 15 to 3.  I completely understand.  We were all awesome and I look forward to seeing who will be announced on Wednesday.  I never expected to leave an interview liking a company more for having gone through the process, even if I don't get the job.  It's true what I said today, I care about this co-operative. I think it's a very sustainable and positive way for a community to manage its money (it's so NOT a bank.)  Thank you Verity Credit Union and good luck to us all!

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