Thank You Kate and Amos

I have been waiting for this wedding for ten years and it changed my life.  Schlepping my entire family across country and changing time zones for a weekend seemed a little ludicrous, but there was no stopping me.  I was going to be there.  Ever since she heard we were going, my daughter has been keeping a close eye on what all this wedding business is about. It was the first one she has attended and I am so glad she did.  She witnessed the beauty of a bride surrounded by simplicity, the grace of a groom grounded in his commitment to her, and the elegance of their love and sense of purpose.  Upon a sliver of historic land dangling against the Atlantic Ocean on the eastern most tip of our country, their union was dissolved down to the elements that mean the most. 

Before we left home, I talked about it constantly.  I psyched up my son, daughter, and husband for the celebrations by telling them stories.  Like the time the groom took me skiing (while I used only my snow-plow, i.e. the pizza, the wedge) down one of the steepest, mogul-filled runs of my life, or the hilarious evenings when he regularly said goodnight to fall asleep while wearing a bear costume in a chilly camp cabin, or when he lead a multi-pitch route during a climbing clinic and I stood dumbfounded on a little rock shelf trying to make room for the two of us as he showed me how to unclip the rope and belay him so he could climb higher.  In my memories, I followed him with complete trust and we laughed no matter what happened.  

During my toast to the newlyweds, I talked about the significance having a friend that makes you feel like you can do anything, even when you don't.  I am still talking to my daughter about the importance of this.  When her life becomes complicated with boys and break ups, I pray she will have a friend like I did.  I know she has an amazing father and brother on which to base all the other guys in her life, but in addition, I sincerely hope she will have a best guy friend, one in which their platonic relationship sets the bar even higher for those boyfriends.

And let me just tell the world loud and clear that the bride he has chosen has blown me away.   I remember first meeting her as we sat around a campfire while she made me laugh with her witty, raspy voice.  I instantly adored her sassy style and smart commentary, but most of all her love for my friend made me feel all was right with the world.  He had found a forever mate.

On Saturday, when they made eight promises to one another, I reviewed how well I was fairing with my beloved.  Ten years and two kids into this married gig, it's the perfect time to up my game and bring a little more awareness to being my husband's biggest champion, to making him laugh and being his muse.  When I say, it changed my life, I mean it reminded me to value the friendships of my past because they are the basis upon which all the others are made. And most importantly, they are the relationships my children will see me having.

What happens when you gather with twenty of your favorite friends and their fabulous spouses, to tell stories of our glory days?  What occurs when those friends are the perfect combination of a hilarious slapstick comedy routine?  Or a band made of friends that have know each other since sixth grade?  Or even better, when a few of them are some of your best girl friends?  It has re-centered me in my daily life knowing all this is still possible; to laugh harder and dance longer than I have in years, just like we used to.

Thank you Kate and Amos for bringing us together in Truro.  I am so happy for you both and so excited for what's next.  Now, let's enjoy some music!

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  1. f'shamos10/10/13, 9:12 AM

    Jenn, thank you so much for your wonderful words and pictures. We could not have asked for a better weekend celebrating with your family and the assorted crowd of Eagle's Nesters, Camel City Drivers and Taosenos (to name a few contingents) that came together to shine with us. We were blown away that so many made the long trek to Truro, especially you guys. As Kate said, "we need more Jenn in our lives!" So looking forward to seeing more of the Kakutanis in the years to come.