Yay P-town!

Since it was my first time to Cape Cod, we planned a day to explore the excellence of Provincetown, MA.  When my daughter and I were sauntering up one of the itty bitty streets that the city is well known for, she said, "I like this town a lot!"  Looking down at her, I agreed completely and felt grateful that we are kindred spirits in that way, that she is my happy little traveler.  By the wonders of Facebook instant messaging, we were about to reunite with a friend of mine from art school.  It had been over fifteen years since I had seen her.

I have dreams of moving to a small town and being that beach towns are my favorite places to visit, I was shocked by how thoroughly this one stole my heart.  Provincetown takes the cake.   It actually is not only the cake, but a display case full of all your favorite cakes in all the best bakeries, ever.  I like my coastal towns to be historical, funky, liberal, artsy, and adorable.  P-town has a historic trolley ride that was so varied and interesting, I wanted to ride it again.   Because the beach was the center of commerce when the town was settled,  its streets were built by winding around the buildings.  Funky is one way to describe the lay out.  I wanted to do a photo mosaic of all the rainbow peace flags flying everywhere as a reminder that this place is a haven.   In a town only a few miles wide there are over 400 art galleries    Residents to take pride in their teeny-tiny little houses with gardens overflowing.  Back in the day, the settlers that had built homes on the tip of the Cape, near the lighthouse, decided they wanted to return to the city center and instead of rebuilding, they invented a way to float them across the bay and place them where they wanted them.  Love the sustainability choice there!  These homes are noted by a blue plaque with a little barge on it.  I can't think of a better small town for my sweet art school buddy to be working in the fine art scene.  It's my  kind of place.

We had such a great day: including a mile walk across a bridge made of stones called the breakwater, then some puddle jumping with the gracious grandparents and the it was time to go eat. Again.  If I don't get back there soon, I hope to be able to sit at this very spot with my grandchildren someday.

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  1. Awesome pics sis! Jason and I had a great trip up north last year to visit cousin Ruthie. Mystic, CT and Narragansett, RI are sweet little towns up that way too. We'd love to make a family trip up there "soon" :)