Expecting Different Results

I always cast on with such high hopes.  The only problem is I'm making it up most of the time and it won't result in a garment that fits correctly.  I plan to use a combination of patterns that might work, instead of spending the time to find a pattern that will work (which is easy enough to do in the wonderful world of Ravelry.)  This is not a successful way to knit, yet I do it ALL the time.  I get so obsessed with starting a project that I stop caring what it will be.  Because I view knitting as a Zen practice, it doesn't matter if I am making something correctly because "Knitting is knitting."  One needs a mantra like this while pulling out all her mistakes and starting over again and again, around and around, stitch after stitch.

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."
~Albert Einstein
Here you see a pair of socks being knit without first asking myself: 
  • Do I have enough yarn to make two pairs? (Nope.)  
  • Am I following a pattern that will fit me. (Nope.)    
Last night as I sat with a friend pulling out the sleeves on my favorite sweater, I explained how they were way too long and got in the way, especially when washing dishes.  I looked at the forgotten notes I had written on my pattern: Sleeve length increased to 19 inches.  We couldn't help but laugh as I pulled out the stitches I had purposely added.  What a relief to finally see this nuttiness in myself.  I get it now.  This is the season of giving and I give up thinking I can make-up knitting patterns.  For good.

Do you have any crazy behaviors that you're ready to shed? 

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