Our Inside Groove

We've made the switch to inside.  We're in the groove.  After an out-of-town trip for Papa last week combined with a viral illness for my youngest, we have had a string of Mama-and-kids-only home days and I'd say we are fairing quite well.  There was sausage red sauce in the crockpot, pumpkin bread made from a real pumpkin and squash soup that was gobbled up by the little people.  I declare I am cooking again and dreaming of what I want to eat next.  Last night, the kids were delighted to eat persimmon and pomegranate both in one day!  I forgot how good a place the kitchen can be when you are starting to spend so much time inside.  Speaking of fun fruits, we've got a mystery fruit on the trees this time of year.  Anybody know what it is?

Next Day Update: It's a Strawberry tree! Arbutus Unedo, the symbol of Madrid.

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