I will too


I don't want to forget that I awoke to November sunshine and a hummingbird buzzing nearby, because soon this will not be the case.  With the time change this weekend, I have been saying my new mantra more : "Winter's Great!"  It's actually working to keep me present in what is right now, the last month of a beautiful autumn.  As the days get shorter and the holidays approach, I realize how much I appreciate the colder months.  It already started snowing in the mountains and I love to ski!  However, the view out my window is what I am most enamored with.  It will be slow growing, but I am delighted to watch my cover crop.  I have no idea how high it will get, or what it will do, but I am so curious.  I'm also in awe that our kale garden, which my daughter planted in May has become a kale forest, and continues to provide a bit to our green smoothies.  Seeing all of these plants that I hope it will over-winter, remind me that I will too and soon it will be spring again.

08 May13

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