Let the crafting begin!

I wanted a super cute laptop case and my daughter wanted a dog sweater.  I never know how our sewing projects will turn out.  Sometimes patterns can be frustrating to follow (or is it that I start modifying too much?)  Last week, the nice lady at the sewing machine repair shop showed me how to properly use my machine (finally after 4 yrs!) and was excited about two patterns that seemed easy to follow.  I think we were successful.

The dog tolerates it when we wrangle her into her new warm double-layered reversible sweater and I love my laptop case.  But I love it even more when my daughter takes matters into her own hands and shows me how well she knows her way around my sewing machine.  With confidence, she whipped up a knife pouch for her Papa's belt (I love that he is always the recipient of her crafts.)  Let the crafting season begin! 


  1. Nice crafts! I heard your Beastie Boys song the other day and was giggling... I'm dying to know the tips from the repair shop lady! Share?

  2. She saw that I had in the wrong bobbin, one from Gram's Singer sewing machine (I thought they were all compatable) and I did not have the needle screwed in all the way to the top. She also cleaned and oiled it for me for free!