knitting station

 I'm teaching a knitting station at my daughter's school tomorrow and I'm so curious to see how it goes!  Having a reason to gather old straight needles has been fun since I never knit with them anymore.  I made a few by putting rubber bands on the ends of double points too.  I dug deep into my Grammy's stash of needles and asked to borrow a few from a friend.  I thought about how glad I am that knitting has evolved over the years.  How delightful it is to knit with a modern pattern and knit awesome clothes!

In hopes that some of the students pick up this old fashioned skill and make super modern stuff.  My basket is packed.  I'm trudging along with only one more orange sleeve section to go on my sweater until it's finally finished!


  1. Ohhh I love the sweater color combo!
    I remember teaching knitting at camp... I learned to start my second session group with the disclaimer "Knitting requires time. I really appreciate you waiting patiently while I help someone with their work, because when I am done with them it will be your turn" because each girl needed so much personal attention to get started. But it was so fulfilling after the first few classes and I thought of Gram teaching us, how I was using her words and techniques to pass on this delicate skill to a whole new generation. Love the colorful yarn, little balls and ready-to-go projects! They look so inviting! Good luck and lemme know how it goes!

    1. I didn't know you taught knitting at camp, thanks for the tips!

    2. Oh and thanks for sending me all your supplies and getting me going again on this knitting kick!