Raising Rabbits

Meet Brigit and Dot, the bunnies we will be raising for the next twelve weeks.  They are New Zealand Whites, the best breed for meat.  Yes, for meat.  We have friends that are living their dream of a self sufficient lifestyle.  They prefer to raise their own clean food and provide a healthier, more natural diet for their family.  When they mentioned that a new litter of kits was born, I thought raising some of their rabbits for them might fulfill my daughter's need for a "bunny."  So far, two days into it, she seems un-phased by the fact that these animals will be harvested and delighted that they will be replaced by another set of baby bunnies. 

"Raising rabbits can be a true family project, as they are small and so easy to care for that they can even be maintained by young children." 

 I feel honored to love these cuties up and give them the best life possible and connect with the food which will nourish a family.  We are hoping to start our own foray into urban farming soon and I am excited about this rare opportunity to be able to say "Thank you" to the beings that feed others.   


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  2. Great photography! Gorgeous. It will be interesting to see how they feel when it's time for the pets to become food...fascinating.