A Visit to the Stone House

Our trip to Lopez Island started with three girls that have been friends since they were only months old (and siblings) picking raspberries bigger than I have ever seen before.

then we took to the water and needless to say, the beaches on the island are very, very good . . .

But the trails to our afternoon beach forays were lovely adventures in themselves.

And returning each evening to witness what my friends have done with their stone house was inspiring and delightful.

The children ran off to play in the forest immediately upon arrival and became more and more comfortable in the woods as the days went on.  It took us grown-ups a little longer to steal away from reconnecting with one another, but soon we were in there too.  The dappled light was magical and as I meandered along the deer trails, I was asked to clear the way making it passable for humans too.  The beauty was remarkable, enough to make you sprawl out in the grass to take it all in.  Thank you for a magnificent weekend ladies!

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