Giving Mondays

I remember the bright sunny days in the beginning of October during a time they call Indian summer.

Before they turned into a soggy, mushy mess, we piled them onto his chest

and she got her wish running like a wild pony with her herd of friends in the sun.

There was one Saturday when all I wanted was to get lost in a field of corn so green and tall.

Then we finished it off with a visit from the best dressed clowny Grandma

who was willing to watch the kids while my man and I went to a concert, a real loud, dance-all-night, rock and roll show.

With all this in mind, as I was ecstatically bee-bopping through the concert venue, I couldn't be more grateful to be out at night with my husband on an actual grown-up date. I remembered this time last year, when the clouds began to rule the sky and November fell into darkness at 4:30 in the afternoon, I felt a distinct Oh Shit feeling.  My friend and I call it "falling down the roller coaster hill." In the last two years that feeling was only the beginning of a deepening depression that lasted for months.  The depression would be so self-absorbing that everyone in my life was affected.

This year, it's not happening. I don't feel it at all. I'm looking forward to more dates with my hubby, the ski season, the holidays, ice skating, and the first snow. I've also been counting. From now until the end of February when the light comes our way again, there's about 16 weeks of dark days and I want to start a practice of giving.  Today was the first of the next sixteen mondays I'm calling #givingmondays.  

It's a promise, an offer I am making to the communities that inspire me during the darker days. Especially at this time of year, my circles of friends and family sustain me and I want us all to thrive. 

Day 1 : I volunteered for an extra commitment to my writing group.

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