Magic Offering

As I was riding home today I saw a few of the last hanger-on-ers which looked like heart-shaped ornaments. Then I thought of my artist friend Colleen Attara. 

She cuts paper hearts out of junk mail and randomly sprinkles them as she goes about her day. They fall out of her pockets, a little magic offering. Today, for Giving Monday I sent her a little package full of my remnants from art school when I used to paint with soil and draw with stitching. I know they will right at home in her studio and I love imagining them there. It's a big part of me to give away, but it's the perfect person to receive it.

The last time I saw her, I bought this card. I love how she plays with words that feed my oceanic dreams. 

It's week two of Giving Mondays and I noticed gifts for us too. We just happened to stop by a neighborhood Little Free Library and picked up a pile of books that are perfect for us right now. Thank you!

What did you give and receive to and from those that inspire you today?


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  2. Great idea to extend through to lighter days. Yesterday I signed up for an extra volunteer shift for my daughter's school in December. My first reaction was no way -- December is overwhelming and too busy. I know that she and her teacher will be happy to see me. And once I jump in, I'll be glad I did it. Thanks for the extra nudge in that direction.

    1. That is inspiring, can't wait to hear more!

  3. It was great -- so glad I went. And everything else that needed to get done that week did. Thank goodness your pup is ok.